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It may surprise you that your sleep apnea and its accompanying symptoms are likely related to your dental health. All Natural Dentistry's Dr. Amy Khajavi provides all her patients the medical relief they need. She takes the time to understand your specific needs and is dedicated to helping each patient overcome Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Amy focuses on sleep apnea dentistry as a part of her mission to provide each patient with exceptional care utilizing up to date advanced dental procedures. Taking the utmost care with her patients, she is happy to schedule a personalized consultation to discover the best course of innovative treatment for you!

Sleep Apnea Treatment
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What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Although individual cases vary, sleep apnea often leads to snoring and restless nights. This discomfort is often a result of airway obstructions during your sleep cycle. As your muscles relax, your tongue may cover your throat resulting in snoring.

Mild symptoms, such as snoring, are common and still allow for air to pass through the obstacle. These mild symptoms are considered severe when they block your airways and cause inconsistent breathing. Snoring is often a precursor to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea causes several pauses in breathing during sleep patterns. Ranging from 10-second pauses to more than a minute, if left untreated, this condition can lead to many other health issues. There are severe cases of sleep apnea where inconsistencies in breathing can occur more than one-hundred times each night.

Sleep deprivation is not the only concern for our patients (although it is an important and well-founded concern). You may experience dry mouth, heart problems, neurological problems, and other serious medical issues.

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Dr Amy Khajavi with her knowledge and high tech equipment may be able to address and treat your sleep apnea condition with an oral appliance. She has on her team a sleep apnea physician. The team believe in a combination of medical /dental approach in the most conservative way to solve your sleep apnea.

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Dr. Amy's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction
Dr. Khajavi has extensive experience in full mouth reconstruction and helping patients attain healthy, confident and dazzling smiles. Dr. Khajavi has won multiple awards as a dentist, holds advanced dental degrees and also offers other major dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, treatment for neuromuscular problems, dental cleaning, and TMJ.

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