Herbal Supplements Used In Dentistry

Holistic dentist Dr. Amy Khajavi emphasizes how herbal supplements can be used in dentistry.

Herbal Supplements Used In Dentistry
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Are Herbal Supplements a Viable Treatment in Dentistry?

Inquiring minds may wonder if one can address dental problems through natural alternatives. In short - absolutely!

You can apply natural healing to common oral issues such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and pain, especially after dental work. Keep reading to understand how you can use natural alternatives to combat these issues and other issues that can lead to inflammatory gums.

Managing Inflammation

When the body is injured, there is a cellular response. One of the most common responses is inflammation. Orally, gingivitis is the inflammatory response to adverse oral issues, among other conditions. The inflammation is accommodated by severe mouth pain and discomfort, particularly in the tissue surrounding the gum.

However, natural approaches to help combat the conditions include Goldenseal, Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Bloodroot, Grapefruit seed extract, and Calendula.

Aloe Vera

The gel-like sticky substance from the aloe vera plant can be used in toothpaste and other forms to serve as an anti-inflammatory agent to combat multiple oral conditions. These conditions include gingivitis and periodontal diseases, and any other inflammatory conditions.

Multiple studies, including that conducted by the Dept of Periodontics, a Jaipur Dental College, have presented the effectiveness of the substance outlining the decrease of plaque index, gum bleeding, and other readings directly associated with inflammation associated with periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Keep reading for the instructions for preparing aloe vera toothpaste at home.

Aloe Vera Toothpaste Gel

1. You will need aloe vera

Aloe vera is available abundantly in your local supermarket and even box chain markets like Walmart and Kroger. The plant can as well be grown at home.

2. You will also need the following ingredients:

Three tsp. of Aloe Vera gel

Five tsp. of baking soda

Five tsp. of vegetable glycerin

freshly chopped mint


Remove the aloe vera plant gel and combine it with the chopped-up aloe vera. Be sure the plant is chopped into small pieces. Combine those two with the other remaining ingredients except the mint and mix very well. Store the substance in a container that can seal very tightly. Enjoy your minty aloe vera, inflammatory fighting toothpaste.


Bloodroot is a relatively east coast plant privy to dense, wooded areas, and it thrives mainly in shady, moist areas. And, like the Goldenseal, the bloodroot plant has been overharvested. So, steer away from those in the wild when gathering this plant. Instead, grow from a seed or an already grown plant. The best time to collect this plant is during the flowering stage. And in doing so, handle it with care and gloves. True to its name, the root's juice can stain the skin red.

Bloodroot harbors a substance called Sanguinarine, which effectively treats and mitigates plaque build-up and inflammatory gum diseases. While this is an excellent additive for natural toothpaste, it's important to use sparingly.

Before using Bloodroot, be sure to consult with your dentist.


Calendula is another plant that is effective in treating inflammation. You can make the dried (or even fresh) petals of the plant into topical ointments or creams, and his idea for ministering to minor infections like the early stages of gum disease and gingivitis. You can also achieve this through liquid extracts, which can be applied directly to the space surrounding the gum and tooth.

Please consult with your dentist or doctor before using calendula, particularly if you have a plant allergy or are pregnant.


You can typically find these tall purple or pink-flowered plants in the midwest states of North America. Like the others included in this article, you can also use it to treat gingivitis.

Before using Echinacea, consult with your dentist and doctor, especially if you have an autoimmune disease.


The roots of Goldenseal are dry and highly sought after for their healing properties. Its healing properties became so popular that the natural supply across the States has been rapidly declining. It is now grown commercially to combat the over-demand and over-harvesting of the plant. Goldenseal can be mainly found in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The root is dry and perfect for making gels and pastes to treat multiple conditions like gingivitis and cold sores. As a combatant of inflammation, it has also been used to treat infections caused by bacteria, which has led to periodontal disease.

The antimicrobial properties of grapefruit Seed extract are no secret, and it's highly effective in the fight against infection. The substance, sourced from multiple portions of the fruit, including the membrane, pulp, and seeds, is health-promoting.


Overall, several natural substances are geared toward healing oral inflammatory conditions ranging from pain following procedures, gingivitis tissue healing, and calming infections. Herbs to treat these conditions are tried and confirmed over time.

To understand the full scope of each herb and how it can work with your current health independently, contact All Natural Dentistry for a consultation.

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