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As A Knowledgeable Biological Dentist Dr. Khajavi Incorporates Biocompatibility In Dental Decision-Making And Execution Of Procedures While Treating Patients.

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Patients who have broken teeth, infected gums, or feel jaw pain, which is causing discomfort and affecting oral health, should contact their dentist to see if they are a fit candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.


In a full mouth reconstruction procedure, Dr. Amy will reconstruct your mouth, replacing most or all of the teeth to restore the function and appearance of your mouth.


So, if you observe that your teeth, jaw or gums are not functioning normally and there is pain, Dr. Amy Khajavi can help resolve your discomfort and pain, and give back your beaming smile.

Incorporating Biological Dentistry In Oral Medicine Improves Treatment Outcomes

As biological dentistry combines the best practices in dental medicine and biological medicine, dentists are using biological dentistry to offer metal-free dental work, treat pain, and reduce side-effects while using the latest dental technology for dental procedures.

To give you a bit of perspective about the distance traveled by biological dentistry, pre-modern dental clinics utilized restorative materials such as an amalgam (mercury with another metal) or gold and only denture teeth as an appearance-friendly dental solution. Today, dentists are in a position to be biologically discerning and offer dental procedures that are less toxic and more customized and environment-friendly.

When biological dentistry is incorporated in oral medicine, dental patients benefit due to decreased toxic load, avoidance of antibiotics that can weaken the immune system, using ozone and other medicines to treat infections, and utilizing PRGF or the patient’s growth factors for quicker and better healing.

At Center For Ceramic Dental Implants, Dr. Amy Khajavi, a practicing dentist of more than 20 years and a specialist in full mouth reconstruction and implant dentistry, incorporates biological dentistry at her dental clinic and uses safe and biocompatible materials in all her dental procedures.

Dr. Amy Khajavi has placed thousands of dental implants and uses only Metal Free Ceramic Implants in her practice.

Need For Biological Dentistry

Comprehensive research in modern dentistry has enabled the dental industry to recognize and take into account toxicity-related issues while making dentistry decisions and treating dental patients in the safest possible way. The objective is to cause the least disruption in a patient’s biology by being conscious of the biocompatibility of the patient.

The recognition of post-procedure consequences, embedded in hard scientific research, reduces the impact of dental procedures and materials used on a patient’s body and possible adverse biological response. Biocompatibility, therefore, should be a priority, and there are many ways modern dentistry can achieve this for dental patients.

Evidence-Based Support For Biological Dentistry

Since the mid-1980s, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)—an organization for dentists, physicians, and related researchers pushing scientific evidence in favor of biocompatibility—has supported this view. Numerous other research studies also point towards the acceptability of biological dentistry in dental practice.

At Center For Ceramic Dental Implants, Dr. Khajavi, in concord with the findings of IAOMT, incorporates biocompatibility in dental decision-making and execution of procedures while treating patients. The oral health need for biological dentistry becomes apparent when dental materials and specific procedures are considered.

Biocompatibility And Oral Galvanism

Biochemical and immunological responses depend on individual dental patients: bringing into focus the need for raising the profile of the biocompatibility quotient in dental practices. For example, patients can be tested for the least reactive materials. Such measurements are crucial when a dental patient may have allergies, autoimmune disease, or environmental sensitivity. Other important aspects, whose implications are sometimes ignored by dentists, include metals that are electrically active and oral galvanism, which has been a theme of debate for more than a century.

Jawbone Osteonecrosis And Biocompatibility

In an example of toxic material or lack of application of biological dentistry, possibly triggering complications, is research related to facial pain syndromes and cavitational osteonecrosis induced by neuralgia. Studies indicated that jawbones are usual spots of aseptic osteonecrosis. It was also seen that seemingly healing extraction sites had not healed and had caused pain in other parts of the face, head, and even distant parts of the body. Pathological examination indicated the existence of dead done and gradually growing anaerobic pathogens and dead bone in a watery collection of highly toxic waste products in the location where expected healing was supposed to take place.

If you are seeking a dentist who considers biological dentistry a priority, please call Center For Ceramic Dental Implants at (858) 683-4862 to schedule your appointment. Dr. Amy Khajavi is a multiple award-winning dentist with advanced dental, and also offers all the major dental procedures from teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry, TMJ, and treatment for neuromuscular problems.

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Frequently asked questions

What Should I expect in a full
mouth reconstruction?
At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi integrates ozone therapy in all her dental surgeries and implants as well as orthodontic and aesthetic dentistry, TMJ and oral surgical procedures.
Do I require full mouth reconstruction?
At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi integrates ozone therapy in all her dental surgeries and implants as well as orthodontic and aesthetic dentistry, TMJ and oral surgical procedures.
What are the different procedures in full dental reconstruction?
At All Natural Dentistry, Dr. Amy Khajavi integrates ozone therapy in all her dental surgeries and implants as well as orthodontic and aesthetic dentistry, TMJ and oral surgical procedures.

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